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Calvary’s Second Missions Conference

“MISSIONS…Our Soul Investment”

Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold, Pastor     Office phone  813-884-4328  4811 George Road Tampa, Florida 33634      



Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold (Host Pastor)

Yankee_head_photoHelping to raise funds for missionaries is one of the best things in the Lord’s work that I truly enjoy. I pray that you will join me by attending and supporting our Mission Fund for these Florida Bible College clear gospel missionaries. The first service begins on Sunday morning at 10:30. We will have a huge “Third Sunday Dinner” in our gymnasium to kick off our Mission Conference. It’s just like having a great family reunion. You are invited. All for the cause of Christ.



Mrs. Peggy Sperling Missionary to China


Peggy was in the first graduating class of Colorado Bible College. It’s great to see students still going strong after 35 years. She has a wonderful ministry to the women in China. Besides being a great soul-winner, her focus is on marriage, parenting, and relationships. She will also have several opportunities to speak to the ladies. Jon is the In-Country Director for Asia.


Dr. James Scudder


The lord has used Dr. Scudder to build a tremendous ministry at the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church in Lake Zurich, Ill. We are very privileged to have a man of his caliber to be with us. He will be speaking for us on Sunday night. Jim is a graduate of Florida Bible College and has proven his faithfulness to the clear gospel over the years. Next month he will be retiring from the church. He is not quitting the ministry, just changing position on the firing line.



Dr. Birbal Boodram and his wife Annette

Dr._Birbal_Boodram_and_Annettea Dr. Boodram is a graduate of Florida Bible College and doing a wonderful work for the Lord in Trinidad. He is the founder of the Trinidad Bible Institute where several hundred graduates have also been trained in the clarity of the gospel. Many schools have turned out a lot of students with an unclear message, but Birbal concentrates on getting their students  clear on the gospel  before they run throughout the world.



George and Linda Heckman of New Tribes Mission

George_and_Linda1 George is also a graduate of Colorado Bible College. He and Linda have been with New Tribes for over 35 years. They faithfully hold the ropes while other missionaries are going over the edge of civilization to reach those that are dangling over the flames of Hell. They have not only worked with me in the ministry, but I have seen their faithfulness and sacrifice for the Lord.


Evangelist Freddie Coile

New_Picture__3_ Freddie Coile
comes from Danielsville, Georgia to be with us. He is an FBC grad whose
messages are powerful, truthful, doctrinal, and spiritually
convicting. I have no reservations in recommending him to any church as a man of
God  who is well versed in the scriptures. You can visit Freddie on the
web at www.FreddieCoile.org
I encourage all Florida Bible College Alumni to send Freddie a letter
letting him know that you are upholding him in prayer at: Freddie@FreddieCoile.org. 

Dr. Charlie Bing of Grace-Life Ministries

Dr. Charlie Bing is being used by the Lord to notimg_8915 only reach the
lost but to disciple many pastors around the
globe on the clarity of the
gospel. In his last newsletter, he stated that in the nation of Africa over a number of years,
he has preached the gospel to over 10,000 people and helped train at least 2,000 pastors and church workers on the clarity of the gospel.

Bruce and Jackie Campbell Missionary to Thailand

Bruce_Campbell Bruce trusted the Lord at the West Coast Youth Ranch and attended Florida Bible College. He has served over 10 years in Hong Kong, 5 years in China and now serves in Thailand for the last 5 years. They will now be returning to a new location called Mahasarakham Province.



Pastor Matt Floyd New Church Planting in South Florida


Matt is a graduate of Dayspring Bible College that was founded by Dr. James Scudder. Matt is the son of Mike Floyd who was
over the college for many years and a graduate of Florida Bible College. Matt is beginning a new church called
Calvary Baptist Church in Florida City, Florida


There are three more missionaries that are supported through Calvary Community Church but will not be in attendance. They are:

Greg Sirmons in France,

Dr. Ron Seecharan in India,

Joe and Terri Potter here in America

100% of all mission giving is used for meeting the needs of our missionaries. Would you like to have a part?

Our goal is to add more missionaries as funds are available.To donate – CLICK Missions

Everyone is invited to attend. We want to take this opportunity to

invite all the Florida Bible College Alumni to attend and partner with us in the World’s Greatest Challenge of winning souls by supporting missions.

Meals will be provided on Sunday morning and Monday-Wednesday evening. If you are
planning on dining with us (at no charge), please call the church office at 813-884-4328 so we may better
serve you.



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